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Top Tourist Attractions In French Guiana

The top tourist attractions in French Guiana are unique compared to neighbouring countries, mainly because it’s the last remaining fraction of mainland South America that is still controlled by an overseas nation. France had been in control since 1604 and influenced its culture, traditions, history, art, and architecture. Take them away and you get a country that […]

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Top Tourist Attractions In Guinea Bissau

The top tourist attractions in Guinea-Bissau are one of the most beautiful places in West Africa, although it is oftentimes overshadowed by Morocco and Mauritius in terms of worldwide popularity. This land was once a part of the great Mali Empire that gave birth to Islamic Saharan region. Once called the Kingdom of Gabu, it […]

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Top Tourist Attractions In Haiti

Petionville The top tourist attractions in Haiti are astoundingly rich in culture but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere so if you can’t handle poverty, you should consider going elsewhere. But if you have an open mind and take things as they are, you will […]

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