Top Tourist Attractions In Lithuania

February 16, 2013

The top tourist attractions in Lithuania uncover the Baltic charm of this European country. It is home to fairytale-like structures and rolling grasslands which are characteristic of the Baltic region. Here we will reveal to you its ten best tourist spots.

10. The Hill of Crosses

The pilgrimage area contains tens of thousands of crosses, crucifixes, and statues, set on a hill near the town of Siauliai. It is a product of the long-held tradition from the 13th century when people were fighting for independence. The crosses represent the hopes, prayers, and wishes of locals.

9. Kaunas Castle

The Gothic-style castle was originally built in the 14th century but suffered many damages during battles and had to be rebuilt several times after. It is open to the public and has its own art gallery and museum with some interesting artifacts.

8. Christ’s Resurrection Church

It may not look like it but it’s an old Roman Catholic Church that dates back to 1918. However, the structure wasn’t completed until after 1940 due to lack of funds. It has a simple but striking architecture which doubles as a museum. Christ’s Resurrection Church is one of the top tourist attractions in Lithuania.

7. Aukstaitija National Park

It has been around since 1974 making it the oldest national park in the country. Aukstaitija covers more than 400 sq. km. of woods where numerous animals and plants can be found. Some ancient buildings, museums, and entire villages are also within the park.

6. Gediminas Tower

Formerly known as the Upper Castle, the tower is an iconic symbol of Vilnius, Lithuania. Some of its ruined structures have been restored. The top floor offers breathtaking views of the old town. It also houses a museum with collections from previous centuries.

5. Kaunus Town Hall

The historic structure originates from the 16th century but it has been renovated several times since then. To this day, it is used for official ceremonies and other important government meetings and transactions.

4. Kernave

The place used to be the site of a feudal town during Medieval times and was even the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at one time. Nowadays, Kernave is an archeological site and one of the top tourist attractions in Lithuania.

3. Curonian Split

The 98-km sand dune is only half of what it originally was. The other half is in Russia. The split was created in the third millenium. Curonian Split is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so make sure you don’t miss it!

2. Old Town of Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and its old town is a major attraction of the country. The Old Town is dominated by medieval architecture but there are different architectural buildings from all eras.

Island castle of Trakai, Lithuania

1. Trakai Island Castle

The castle is without a doubt the most interesting sight in Lithuania. You can find it on an island in Galva Lake. Construction of the Trakai Island Castle began in the 14th century. It was completed in the 15th century and retains its preserved state from that period.

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