Top Tourist Attractions In Trinidad And Tobago

July 14, 2013

In choosing the Caribbean region as a vacation spot, the top tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago may provide you with a suitable alternative to the more popular vacation spots like Bahamas and Barbados. This archipelagic nation belongs to the chain of islands called The Antilles and it shares a close proximity with Venezuela. This country has a lot to offer to its visitors, including the people’s rich history and relatively diverse culture. Since Christopher Columbus’ discovery, Trinidad and Tobago was consequently dominated by Spaniards. In one occasion, a prominent English privateer named sir Walter Raleigh briefly took control of the islands in his mad search for El Dorado, The City of Gold. In 1700 it became a part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Trinidad was conquered by the British for the second time in 1797 in the person of Sir Ralph Abercrombie during the Napoleonic Wars.

1. Aripo Caves

The Aripo Caves are located at the northern tip of the Trinidad Island. This natural landmark is an ideal place to visit for outdoor adventurers and eco-tourists. This reclusive habitat is home to the unique specie of nocturnal bird called “oilbirds”. These birds behave like bats, using sonic mapping to navigate their surrounding instead of their vision. These caverns are heavily folliaged. Traversing it requires excellent physical fitness as well as extra amounts of caution.

2. Maracas Beach

The Maracas Beach is one of the top tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago for those who prefer a cozy seaside vacation. An aerial view of the beach features a U-shaped bay, not far from the capital city called the Port of Spain. If there is any unique feature that fascinated people about this resort is its very unique menu. The “bake and shark” is a popular term to describe of an exotic shark meat sandwich. Apart from diving into vibrant waters, visitors can also try hiking the nearby highlands that offer a picturesque vista of the blue waters and tropical green foliage.

3. Fort George

The Fort George sometimes functions as an open museum to its visitors due to the excellent condition of the relic items found in this old garrison. Its cannons, barracks, functional lighthouses and lookout parapets become the highlight of sightseeing. This fortress is built 1,100 feet upon the hill overlooking the expansive view of Port of Spain.

4. Carnival

The carnival is one of the top tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago as well as in other Caribbean countries for travelers who simply want to experience a loud and colorful festival. Carnivals feature parades resplendent with bright-colored costumes and loud calypso music. This celebration precludes the start of Lent.

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